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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Key signs you are feeling worthless during your spiritual awakening, and what to do about it


The world in which we live in is run by low vibrations such as fear, jealousy, greed and hate. Being spiritually awake, I have realized that most of the people have fallen prey of ego games. My mission is not to judge them, but to open their eyes. I was blind too.

During the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I had to go through multiple dark nights of the soul for my ego to die. Not that I am Jesus Christ, but for sure I know that true worth comes from within, as the true light is within us.

With the main purpose of enlightening those lost souls on their true worth, I am giving the key signs which one can use to check if they're feeling worthless.

You have no true friends and you feel rejected

When one becomes spiritually awake, they lose everything due to the fact that they discover the true essence of their soul. Although in the beginning of their awakening one feels love without conditions, later they have to go through a dark night of the soul. Probably multiple ones. It is during the dark night, that they start to feel worthless.

Being a total failure in college, I lost all my connections. Lately my ego is tricking me. I am starting to really feel worthless.

You feel really bad about being poor

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, I come from a poor family. Although I have tried to generate money on the Internet, blogging is not my full time job yet. 

Going through the rock bottom, my financial situation is getting worse than ever. Each day it passes. Since nowadays we live in a consumerism age, my ego is tricking me to feel worthless about the fact that I am poor.

The pressure of the society is forcing me to think about money. Not that I am putting the fault in anyone, just saying that I am feeling the pressure through my ego.

You feel abandoned by everyone

During the spiritual awakening, one goes through a lot of evil and toxic cleansing. As they start to understand that they should love themselves first, people abandon them. Personally, I started to feel disconnection from the people I knew, at the moment I got spiritually aware.

Lately I am missing people. I need someone to talk to without fearing judgment, but I don't have one. Is it that I have no worth in this world that people don't want a friend like me?

You have started to care about the social status in your society

Those who are not aware about the true essence of their soul, unconditional love; are prey of the outdated templates of their society. Almost everyone in this world cares deeply about their social status.

Although I am unconditional love, being a human, I also feel the psychological pressure of the low vibrational templates. I have no status in the society, I am financially broke. I have no connections, nothing! I don't exist for the world.

You are rejecting yourself when it comes to romantic love

When one is financially broke and not aware of the unconditional love within them, they fall prey of their own ego. The world in which we currently live right now runs on the low vibrations which I mentioned earlier on this blog post. 

Being prey of the outdated templates, you are feeling unworthy of someone. You don't believe that you deserve to be loved by someone out there.

You are pressuring yourself about the fact you have not accomplished anything

Each one of us has been equipped by God with all the required tools to accomplish miracles here on earth. People can invent and build. History has proved it. 

Being wise spiritually and mentally you believe only in unconditional love, because only love will liver forever. There is nothing wrong with that. It is the best thing to do, but you should also produce holy fruits.

Having failed in college, lately I am feeling worthless. I know it is the tricks of ego, but sometimes I get caught in it. Although I am aware of the fact that no good comes from pressure, I am falling for it.

Final thoughts

Although people feel worthless during their spiritual awakening, they need to remind themselves that such period is a temporary one. As you go through multiple dark nights of the soul you are going to learn that only by fully accepting the light you have within you, you can truly realize that this worth thing is an earthly game. A satanic one!

Filled with the Holy Ghost, I seek Jesus Christ for help. And he is all the time ready for me and for everyone who seeks his help. The light of the world, exposes all the darkness and evil. It fully heals you. 

The true light is within you. For now you probably think I am saying lies due to the fact that God is still working on you, but I truly advise you to keep faith and let your mind die. Let go, for God to make a new creature out of your ashes.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself nice or having money, but it is wrong to become a slave of  cash and physical things of this world!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Holy Bible is giving me bread and water


Coming from a poor family, my parents are constantly fighting my spiritual journey. They don't like it, especially the fact that I spend most of my time reading the Holy Bible. Not only that, but they have started to make fun of me.

'Stop reading that, it is not going to give you bread,'  they say.

Although I am facing a lot of opposition from my family because of my spiritual path, I don't judge them as they are not filled with the Holy Spirit; not yet. Being a born again Christian, I can not live only by bread and water anymore.

The word of God is the most important thing to me. Filled with the Holy Ghost, I can not live without reading the scriptures. The word of God is my real food.

Christ explained it perfectly that one can not live only by food alone. Those who have passed from death to true life need the word of God daily, almost every moment.

Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Every time I read the word of God, I find inner peace. True peace! He comforts and keeps me safe from the evil of this world. The water that lives within me, helps me to shut down conflicts; inner and outer ones.

But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a fount of water springing up to eternal life.

Truth is that we Christians have been persecuted through our entire existence. And we are going to get persecuted in the near future too.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

My custom domain expired and my blog is losing many organic views


I used to own a custom domain name which pointed to this blog; Unfortunately it has expired and I am losing many organic views. The work which I had put constantly on this website used to receive organic traffic daily, but lately my statistics are dead due to inactivity.

Being in the rock bottom, I can not afford to renew my previous custom domain right now. I decided to write this short post with the main purpose of advising new bloggers out there to make sure they take in consideration to save some cash for their custom domain name; unless they can pay the price of losing traffic.

Without traffic, you can not make a life by blogging. 

My love for the Slavs turned me into a snake


Since a little child I felt deep connection with the Slavs, especially the Russian soul. Being a fish against the flow of this world, I have always found joy in fighting the evil and principalities of darkness. And who loves suffering more than the Russians?!

Always authentic as a soul, I swim upstream. Totally in love with spiritual suffering, the love for the Slavic comes natural to me.

Being passionate about natural sciences, I have been always obsessed with the original discoveries and inventions of the Slavic scientists. Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Croats and Serbs have truly proved to the entire world what they're really capable of when it comes to science.

 Photo by Dmitry Shchekin

It is not only the science that connects me to the Slavic soul, it is also their humility and the manifestation of the soul of Christ in the physical. Being a born again Christian, I truly say that it is the cross which mostly connects me with the Slavic people.

Unfortunately my people hate the Slavic, due to the wars that have happened in the past here in the Balkans. As you have probably guessed, I am an Albanian.

Since I was blind to the evil before being filled with the Holy Spirit, I did not see a problem with my love for the Christian Slavic soul. Lately it is becoming a real problem. Not that I want to judge Albanians, but I have started to feel oppression for the pure desires of my humble heart.

Some are calling me a snake. Until this point, I never thought myself as one. It is not my fault that I believe in unity under Christ. And to be honest, it is the the Slavs who are the most authentic people here on earth. At least to me!

Now that I have taken the cross of Christ, I am dead for the world and alive for the word of God. And honestly, I prefer to ride a YUGO, instead of a Maybach.


Key reasons why it is time to carry the cross and die for Jesus Christ


Being a fish against the flow, in the world, but not of the world, I have been always used by the people. Most of the time I have turned the other cheek, and I have been hit again. Although hoping for better, it is getting even worse.

The only one who truly loves me is Jesus Christ. I fell in the hole and he stretched his hand to get me out of it. He loves me without conditions! Most of the people who are spiritually dead, can not understand my decision. 

If any of you has a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it out?
I want to let everyone know that I have the balls to carry the cross. Like the King of Kings said, everyone who wants to be worthy of him, must carry the cross. Those who don't, are not worthy of him!

And he that takes not his cross, and follows after me, is not worthy of me.

Struggling spiritually my entire life, frustrated all the time because of the evil of this world which is ruled by Satan, in the yoke of Christ I found peace. And in his cross salvation!

Having experienced hell lately, I feel it is time for me to carry the cross. I am listing the key reasons why I decided to do so.

This world is run by evil forces

From what I know from history, humanity has been struggling through its entire existence. The world has never experienced true peace. Spiritually dead, people are easily manipulated through their ego to worship the material part of this existence. Completely unaware of the true essence of their soul, they blindly follow blind leaders, who think only about their money.

Wars. Only wars. Rumors of wars. The news if full of lies and most of the books are designed to keep us stuck in the box. As long as people don't discover the light within them, darkness is what this world is going to manifest.

Being born again by the Holy Ghost, my war is against the principalities of darkness and evil forces, not against the people.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I am a fish against the flow of this world

As it is being mentioned in the Holy Scripture, all the kingdoms of this world are from Satan. Instead of being based on unconditional love, they're based on low vibrations such as hate, jealousy, fear and greed. 

Being a fish against the flow, lately I have realized that my kindness is being taken for weakness. Those who don't love themselves without conditions, can not really understand love.

Although this world is run by evil forces, those who have really accepted Jesus as their savior know for sure that darkness can manifest only in the absence of light. Swimming upstream all the time, my soul has truly realized that Jesus Christ is the real salvation.

I can only build true relationships and life based on unconditional love 

While most of the people follow the stream of this world, I go against it. Being like a little child from within, I can not accept to build my true relationships on low vibrations; I am not blind to the true light.

I can easily see through the masks of the people, regardless of the fact that I don't judge them as I want to help them with my own light. People take advantage of this quality of me; and not only that but they want to put me down by calling me a mice.

Blind and lost in darkness, most of the people don't understand that their relationships are fake. On the other side, my relationship with Jesus Christ is based on purity. Although I sin all the time, he loves me without conditions. He never abandons me. The King of the world wants to heal me, no matter what!

I hate this world

Those who have eyes to see, can see. And I can. This world is for sure under the rule of Satan. Almost everything is based on low vibrations. People are going wild, especially about money. Prey of the materialism they're ready to do anything to collect earthly treasures.

For the love of money, brothers are killing each other. We have turned into robotic consumers. We consume, and never get fed off. 

On the other side, those who are born again through the Holy Spirit, have truly realized that this world is a big lie. Filled with the Holy Ghost, I truly hate this world!

The one who loves his life destroys it, and the one who hates his life in this world guards it for eternal life.

I believe only in true light

There are many frequencies going through the world, manipulating and deceiving most of the people. Many false lights. Since those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior are naive, they fall prey of false prophets.

Being a fish against the flow, I have been a believer in Jesus Christ since I was a little kid. I have always known he is the true light, the light of the world! It is lately that I decided to accept to carry the cross.

Although most of the people live a colorful life, for me it is black and white. Jesus Christ is my King and my savior. I only believe in him.

I hate sin

According to the word of Jesus Christ, those who are polluted by sin are snakes to him. It is a black and white view, I know. Being a fish against the flow, I have always hated sin.

Most of the people live their own lives based very low vibrations. Lovers of pleasures and money, they're constantly thinking on ways to make paper fast. Prey of the Devil, people walk the wide road which leads to eternal death and punishment.

Totally lost in darkness, people use each other for their personal gains. Lead by ego and sin, they're doing everything for the cash.

Based on my personal experience with the Holy Ghost, those who are lost in sin are spiritually dead, just corpses moving. Slaves of sin, they can not see the Kingdom of God.

I am born again through the Holy Spirit

When one is born again through the Holy Spirit, they die for this world and become alive for the word of God. Having understood that by worshiping things of this world, one loses his soul, I have truly accepted to take the cross Christ talked about during his mission on earth.

Although most of the people create opposite energy for me to face due to the fact they're dead and part of the world, filled with the Holy Ghost, I fear no evil as I walk the valley of death.

The Holy Spirit renews me everyday. What most of the people fear, I don't. Light exposes everything.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life

As I mentioned earlier in this blog post, most of the people live a colorful life. Based on my experience, although there are many colors and combinations of them, the truth is black and white. 

Sin creates error. It is because of our sins that the world is so messed up, but only those filled with the Holy Spirit can truly understand it.

Having experienced spiritual awakening based on frequency upgrade, I used to believe that the world is going to get better by vibration upgrade. At the moment I got filled with the Holy Ghost, I became aware to the fact that darkness manifests too; it is not just an illusion.

According to the Holy Bible, the path that leads to eternal life is very narrow, and only a few truly find it.

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

I was blind and mute, Jesus Christ healed me

Being a fish against the flow, I did not see the evil in people. I was blind to darkness. At the moment I got filled with the Holy Ghost, I started to read the word of God and Christ opened my eyes. 

Not only I was blind to evil, but also mute. Equipped with the word of God, now I have started to speak and stand up for the King of Kings.

Those who are born again, for sure that understand that the healing Christ performed in the physical, is related to spiritual healing. Like he opened the eyes to the blind, he opened my heart to receive the unconditional love of God, and his word. 

Christ is the only way to the Kingdom of Heaven

At the moment we did commit the first sin, we died. Satan lied to us, we did not become like God; we lost the spirit of God. The only way to Heaven is through the cross. 

Those who are born again through the Holy Spirit, for sure that have come to the conclusion that Christ shed his blood to save us.

Final thoughts

Polluted by sin, I was once slave of the Devil. Although to most of the people my words do no make sense  due to the fact they're spiritually dead, I am happy Christ gave me a second chance. And I feel blessed to take his cross. 


Monday, October 8, 2018

Key reasons why your family is fighting you in your spiritual path


When one becomes aware of the true essence of their soul, their life changes 180 degrees. One goes from living their life based on outdated templates, to living based on love without conditions. 

Based on my personal experience with the spiritual awakening, when one starts to truly love themselves, they become an outcast to their society and their family for the main reason that their light exposes the darkness of others.

Having gone through a lot of tense arguments with my family during the spiritual awakening process, I am listing a key reasons which explain why your parents fight your new path.

Your parents want to see their dreams materialized in you

As you may know, parents project their dreams on their children by implementing thoughts on their ego. When one becomes spiritually awake, they truly realize the mind programming that has been gone through their entire life; and they get rid of it. As they start to materialize their true self in the physical plane, their family tries to hold them back.

Being spiritually awake myself, I am facing a lot of opposition from my parents as they don't understand my new way of living life, due to the fact they're not aware of the true essence of their soul.

Your parents feel like they're totally losing control over you

When one discovers the true essence of their soul, unconditional love; they become a new creation. Having experienced such process myself, I do feel that my parents are trying in every way to get me out of my spiritual path.

Being a new creation, I don't follow the outdated templates anymore. Due to this fact, my parents are totally losing control over me and they can not accept it. This is another reason why they're fighting me on my spiritual path.

Your parents want the old you back

Having gone through multiple dark nights of the soul during my spiritual awakening, I have become a new creation. Living my life based on love without conditions, my parents are not understanding me lately

Since I have got rid of many fears, I am making my decisions based on my light. My parents don't understand this, so they want the old version of myself back.

Your parents are worried about you, they think you might go crazy

During the spiritual awakening you change so much that your parents don't know who you are anymore. Living your own life based on unconditional love, you create the kind of energy which stands for the opposite of this world. Since your parents are not aware about the true essence of their soul, they find truly hard to accept the new you. They are worried about you going crazy. 

So another reason for your parents fighting your spiritual path is the fact that they're extremely worried about your spiritual health as they don't understand what you're going through.

Your parents can not accept for you to live in the rock bottom

Those who have experienced spiritual awakening, have to go through the rock bottom first so they can realize that only unconditional love will live forever. Unfortunately most of the people are being lost in ego, they're spiritually dead. Being unaware about the true essence of their soul, they're falling prey of the materialism.

Since your parents are part of the world, they can not understand that rock bottom is necessary for your spiritual path, that's why they use it as an argument to fight you.

Final thoughts

Having gone through a lot of struggle with my parents during the spiritual awakening, I have come to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason and you have to let go, unless you want to create more drama in your family. The fact that they fight you in your spiritual path, means that they don't love themselves without conditions. Instead of judging them, try to understand under the hood why they act certain ways with you while you're walking your spiritual path.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Key signs you still care about your outer appearance, although you're spiritually awake


Being spiritually aware, and a Christian, I no longer care about outer appearance. Having experienced multiple dark nights of the soul, I have come to the conclusion that one should love themselves without conditions first.

Although those who are spiritually awake don't judge others by the outer appearance, there is a short period during their spiritual awakening process, in which they start to care about their physical presence as they fall back to the outdated templates. 

I am going to to share some key signs that prove you still care about your outer appearance, although you are aware about the fact that you're not a physical shell, but a soul.

You don't feel comfortable in your outdated clothes

Nowadays people follow the latest fashion updates to the point that they sacrifice even their food budget. Everyone who does not fit in, is being considered as outdated. Dressing outdated clothes myself, there are certain moments that I feel like I am left behind.

You are very careful about the photos you upload on your social media 

The life we try to project on social media, is far away from the one we truly want. Deep down people want to love and be loved, but the mind programming done through their ego leads them to live fake lives.

Although spiritually awake, when it comes to uploading photos on your social media profiles, you are truly careful on what you share. In other words, you're not spontaneous.

You have started to really care about the opinion of others

Although you live from within, lately you have started to really care about the opinion of others on you. You want to look good in presence of others. Prey of the outdated templates and very low vibrations, in a way you are living for others.

You feel psychological pressure when dressing used clothes

Most of the people are part of the game of the ego, they're not spiritually aware at all. Prey of the materialism, they judge each other on the outer appearance. 

Since those who dress used clothes are usually labeled as poor, lately you are fearing to dress worn clothes. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

German teenager denounces refugee rapists through her poem, the city officials call her Nazi


Due to the sexual frustration refugees have experienced in their native countries, they rape women when they migrate to places which have way more tolerant laws. Victims of rapists, the German people are denouncing the ugly acts through many different forms; one of them being poetry.

A teenage girl, Ida-Marie Müller, has successfully generated a lot of buzz on social media through her poem, during a Poetry Slam in Speyer.

“From far away the man fell into the hands of traffickers, with no passport and a mobile phone. He arrived in our hallowed German land. Because he can’t get a lady, he helped himself to one with a knife.”

After reciting her poem, Ida-Marie has received a big applause from the crowd, giving everyone the idea that she should be the winner of the contest. Unfortunately it did not happen like that.

Not only she did not win the contest, but she got also labeled as a Nazi by the city officials and the local media. Later her house got defaced by someone spay-painting "Nazi" on the walls.

Being spiritually aware, I have come to the conclusion that those who speak the truth do always suffer. The truth is a threat to those who care only about their financial gains and total control over the masses.


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